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Megan Armstrong Woman Crush Wednesday

This Week's Woman Crush Wednesday is Megan Armstrong, Founder of 6 Feet Above Podcast. A podcast about people's struggles to success. "The more I told my story, the more I realized people were genuinely interested in my struggles, without passing the judgement I was always fearful of. I discovered that people wanted and needed to talk about their stories and struggles, and began to confide in me. I started to realize we all have a past with difficulties, and we are probably going through some hard things at this very moment. But it's up to us to not let our past or current struggles define us. We have to take responsibility for our own lives and emotions, because we can use them to create a life we love. "- Megan Armstrong. A little bit of info about Megan. She is an Atlanta local, a personal trainer of 11 years, and NASM certified. She is always vulnerable and open with her audience which really allows the audience to connect with her story and each of her guest's stories. She lives an active lifestyle and is a strong, female boss who truly embodies the Young Active Lifestyle. Check out her podcast here:

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