Young Active speaks to all women of all shapes and sizes. What we care about is creating athletic-wear that moves with you and your life. Through school, workouts, work, nightlife, motherhood, and more. The legging that can be worn for it all! Sustainability and quality are key in everything we create. We use the best fabrics from Colombia and design with all the curves and shapes of women. Somethings we keep in mind when designing is slimming features, breathable fabrics, and style. That’s why our leggings have a slimming waist band, stretch in the fabric, and chic style that can be worn for any occasion.

Quality and sustainability are two huge factors when we design our clothing. We work with some of the most respected textile manufacturers in the world who specialize in materials for active apparel. One of our biggest providers has been in the business for over 80 years and also supplies some of the greatest sports brands around the world. Their fabrics ensure a fresh and modern aesthetic that also delivers during a workout, ensuring a comfortable and functional fit.